Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Our ​love for animals inspired the creation of Southwest Pet Sitting. We know what it's like to be gone at work all day and worry about our pets left at home. Concern about their welfare spurred us to provide a service that puts a person's mind at ease about their pets when they can't be home to care for them.

​We take care of our customers' pets like they are our own. That means coming to your home for a visit, to feed your pets or give medications if needed. We routinely walk, play, and interact with your animals. We make sure that they're getting some justly deserved exercise, attention and affection. You will be stress free knowing your pets are being cared for by the best.

Sheryl Santora, owner of Southwest Pet Sitting, has shared her life with cats and dogs since she was little. In her successful past life as a cook, then as a restaurant manager, Sheryl has proven to be quality-oriented, focused, responsible and organized. These positive traits are now a boon to her pet sitting service.

Sheryl feels she is living a dream come true. This profession allows her to be with animals full-time. What could be more rewarding!

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